Three Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company After Experiencing a Car Accident


There are three main questions you should ask your insurance company after experiencing a car accident. The first is how to interact with and explain the situation to the police. The second is what could I expect the time process to be on the claim and outcome of that claim? What information do I need to gather about the other party involved in the accident? These are three main and important questions that can help limit any negative consequences on your end of the tragedy.

What should I explain to the police? Often it is advised not to admit fault. It is something insurance companies will advise away from. Admitting fault does not give the other person involved a chance to share his or her side of the story. It automatically puts the blame completely on you, when this truly may not be the case. It is more important to give the facts of the outcome of the accident to the police than making assumptions as to whose fault it is and not giving the facts, circumstances and events the proper time, energy and effort to play themselves out in the midst of an already confusing and stressful situation. It is best not to jump to conclusions and decide upon the outcome of an event in the midst of the trauma of it.

What information is important to obtain from the other party involved in the accident? It would be important to know first and foremost if the other party is safe. If you are the only other person at the scene of the accident that could be critical for his or her wellbeing. This can be determined and assessed promptly and the proper authorities should be contacted immediately. If there is any need for an ambulance, 911 is the fastest and most prompt way to find help. If it is not an accident that will require medical attention, the next step is to determine what his or her insurance is. Finding out this information, as well as documenting their name, number, and address if possible will be important for further investigation and further proceedings in the case that will follow.

Lastly, in affect to what the processing time will be on the claim and the outcome, it is all dependent upon the factors surrounding the accident. The claim adjustor will ask you questions regarding your side of the story after the police report is given to the insurance. It will be important to know the terms of your insurance and how that will affect the outcome of who is given what amounts in regards to the damage done at the scene of the accident. If you have full coverage versus liability and how to get the most out of one’s insurance policy as well as the insurance that will cover you on the other side of the accident with the other party involved. The process can be a few weeks, to a few months depending on all the circumstances and particulars of the coverage offered. It may be necessary to involve a lawyer if the situation become sticky or confusing or the amounts given back to cover costs are not what it could be.