Ideas to Effective Storing of Tires

With the advent of different tires for use in different weather conditions, it is pretty common for people to have a set or two of spare tires. This brings up the issue of proper storage, which plays a vital role in preventing damage caused by exposure to sunlight and oxidation. Improper storage can lead to changes in the physical properties of the tires, and affect their appearance and performance for the worse.

One of the key problems to be taken care of during storage is outgassing, i.e., evaporation of lubricating oil from the outer surface of the tires, which causes cracks to develop. So, do you think you’re storing your tires in the right way? Just go through the article to find out.

Useful Tire Storage Tips
Here are a few things that you should take note of, in order to maintain the performance of your tires even after they have been stored for a season or longer.

Protect your tires from exposure to ozone, as the gas can damage rubber. For this, you need to ensure that there are no ozone emitters, such as basement sump pumps, located close to where you store your tires.

Tips to Nitrogen In Tires

unduhan-1Whenever we think of inflating tires, normal compressed air is the first thing that comes to our mind. However, did you know that commercial aircrafts, Formula One cars as well as vehicles in the US Military use nitrogen in tires. Why? Simply because nitrogen provides better stability to vehicles, while driving in extreme conditions.


Increases Tire Life: Are you thinking of how to increase the durability of your tires? Well, replacing air with nitrogen is all that is required. Nitrogen works by decreasing oxidation on the rim, which is responsible for deterioration of tires. This dramatically provides a boost to the average lifespan of your tires. Studies have also proved that tire inflation with nitrogen can prolong their life by 30%. So, for a longer tire life, filling it with more than 90% nitrogen seems to be the best option.

Improves Fuel Economy: As we all know, tire inflation pressure is very important to prevent accidents and improve gas mileage. Insufficient tire pressure often leads to more fuel consumption. The rate at which pressure loss occurs with nitrogen is very less, as compared to

SUV Tires for Rain Tips

The acronym SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and is similar to station wagons or light trucks. Many people opt for this vehicle as it offers a great drive not only in the city or on highways, but also on rough terrain. When one wants to buy tires for SUV, one will have to evaluate the terrain on which the SUV is more often driven. This evaluation will help in choosing the right tire for the SUV. The best tires for rainy weather for a SUV will not only enhance the driving and traveling experience, but it will also help in stance and safety of the vehicle.

At this stage, you would want to know how to choose SUV tires. There are some pointers, which need to be considered for the same. There are two types of SUV tires available, namely the winter tires and the summer tires. Depending on the area you live in, you will have to make the call about the same. The next point to be considered is the terrain, where the vehicle is going to be used majorly. Tire size will depend on the terrain as well. If the SUV is used on the

Ideas to Choose SUV Tires

unduhan-3In the last few years, the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) have become very popular, as they are all terrain rugged vehicles. They are often used in rough terrains both as passenger cars as well as for transporting goods. It is important to choose the right tires for the SUV, so that the vehicle is stable and balance of the vehicle is maintained. Choosing the best SUV tires will also ensure that the tires are not damaged easily and do not have to be replaced very often. Having the right tires will save a lot of trouble for the driver. Therefore, it is important to pick the correct tires for your SUV. There are a few pointers, which make all the difference to choosing the right tires.

Pointers on How to Select SUV Tires

SUVs are used in all types of terrains including in mud, snow, etc. Therefore, it is important to look for best tires to buy for SUV, so that it sustain itself on the bad terrain.

Tire Types: There are two main types of SUV tires available. There are different tires for summers to tackle the heated roads and the tires

Ways to Loosen Up Lug Nuts

All those of you who have been stranded in the middle of the road, with a flat tire, know that loosening a lug nut can be a headache. If you are not expert at loosening up lug nuts, you will never be good at changing tires. You might think that lug nuts can be loosened easily, but trust me, it is not that easy (except for the professionals).

Tips to Loosen Lug Nuts

The first thing that you should do when you are changing a tire, is loosen up the lug nut. Before you start loosening the lug nut, here are a few points to remember:

  • Make sure that the vehicle is parked on a flat and hard surface.
  • Do not jack up the vehicle, before you loosen the lug nuts.

Now, here is the list of things that you will need:

  • Tire iron
  • Hammer
  • WD-40

Exposing the Lug Nut
Once you have your car parked on a flat surface, then the next step is to expose the lug nuts. Remove the hub caps. You will not have difficulty in removing the hub caps, as hub caps usually have an indenture, so just insert your fingers in the indenture,