4 Things to Know About Car Removal

If someone has an inoperable automobile taking up space on their property and they’re not sure where to begin, there are a few options for Car removal. Below, auto owners can learn some tricks and tips to maximize the payout and find the right junk car removal option.

The Car’s Value is in Its Weight, Not Its Accessories

If an auto owner calls a cash-for-cars company, the quote they get is based on the vehicle’s scrap weight rather than the value of its parts. The odds are, the buyer isn’t going to pay extra for a new gearbox or stereo system. While there’s a market for parts, most car removers care more about vehicles’ scrap metal value than the car’s parts.

Selling to Scrap Dealers is an Easy Option

There are tremendous benefits to selling a car to a salvage yard. When a customer calls one of these companies, they’ll get a quote that only covers the car’s scrap value. If someone doesn’t have the time or the inclination to do the job themselves, selling to a scrap dealer is the best option. Most of these companies pick vehicles up free, pay immediately and handle the paperwork as well.

Location Can Affect Payout

Like other commodities, scrap prices can vary by day, week and month. Additionally, every salvage yard across Australia is interested in different vehicles for scrap value, part refurbishing, and restoration. Travel distance is another factor that can potentially affect payout. If the company must drive a significant distance to pick up a vehicle, they may make a lower offer.

Used Value and Scrap Value are Different

The most common mistake auto owners make when selling an unwanted vehicle is the assumption the sale value will be higher if the car is in good condition. If someone wants to get rid of a later-model car with low mileage, they may be disappointed to see they won’t get as much money as they expect from a salvage dealer.

While selling old, unwanted cars is simple, there are things to consider before making the sale. By following these tips, car owners can get the most money possible for their scrap vehicles.