Tips to Choosing the Best Winter Tires

unduhan-2Winter tires have a different tread pattern and provide a better grip, which is essential when you’re driving over snowy and wet terrain. Many people just don’t switch to winter tires, but use all-season tires round the year. However, experts recommend otherwise, because not only do winter tires have a distinct tread pattern that prevents snow from getting stuck within the tread, but also differ from regular tires in their composition.

Does that mean you must immediately switch to winter tires as soon as the season sets in? Well, not quite, all-season tires do perform pretty well till the temperature drops to 44ºF or 7°C. So, before it becomes too cold and chilly, just go through this brief guide by Buzzle, and get a pair or two of winter tires for your vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Winter Tires
You’d be surprised to know that the choice of winter tires depends more on your driving style than the type of vehicle you use. Here, we focus on each factor that should be taken into consideration.

Look for the Right Size
The size of the tire is mentioned on


Tips to Nitrogen In Tires

unduhan-1Whenever we think of inflating tires, normal compressed air is the first thing that comes to our mind. However, did you know that commercial aircrafts, Formula One cars as well as vehicles in the US Military use nitrogen in tires. Why? Simply because nitrogen provides better stability to vehicles, while driving in extreme conditions.


Increases Tire Life: Are you thinking of how to increase the durability of your tires? Well, replacing air with nitrogen is all that is required. Nitrogen works by decreasing oxidation on the rim, which is responsible for deterioration of tires. This dramatically provides a boost to the average lifespan of your tires. Studies have also proved that tire inflation with nitrogen can prolong their life by 30%. So, for a longer tire life, filling it with more than 90% nitrogen seems to be the best option.

Improves Fuel Economy: As we all know, tire inflation pressure is very important to prevent accidents and improve gas mileage. Insufficient tire pressure often leads to more fuel consumption. The rate at which pressure loss occurs with nitrogen is very less, as compared to


Ideas to Choose SUV Tires

unduhan-3In the last few years, the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) have become very popular, as they are all terrain rugged vehicles. They are often used in rough terrains both as passenger cars as well as for transporting goods. It is important to choose the right tires for the SUV, so that the vehicle is stable and balance of the vehicle is maintained. Choosing the best SUV tires will also ensure that the tires are not damaged easily and do not have to be replaced very often. Having the right tires will save a lot of trouble for the driver. Therefore, it is important to pick the correct tires for your SUV. There are a few pointers, which make all the difference to choosing the right tires.

Pointers on How to Select SUV Tires

SUVs are used in all types of terrains including in mud, snow, etc. Therefore, it is important to look for best tires to buy for SUV, so that it sustain itself on the bad terrain.

Tire Types: There are two main types of SUV tires available. There are different tires for summers to tackle the heated roads and the tires

Summer Driving Tips for Caring for your Car

Spring is here and that means longer days and warmer weather. If you live in an area where winter is a real thing (and not in places like Florida where winter basically means a drop in temps below 65 degrees) then you are probably welcoming this weather change with wide open arms, especially if you … Continue reading “Summer Driving Tips for Caring for your Car”

Spring is here and that means longer days and warmer weather. If you live in an area where winter is a real thing (and not in places like Florida where winter basically means a drop in temps below 65 degrees) then you are probably welcoming this weather change with wide open arms, especially if you own a car.

Winter can be incredibly brutal on your car with the snow, salt, and just overall unbearable conditions in general. Rocks brought up by the salt and damage to the road can create dents, snow left unattended on your hood can cause paint damage, and tires usually need to be replaced immediately depending on the severity of the weather.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that summer can have just adverse effects as winter does. Here are some quick tips to keeping your car in tip-top shape this summer.

  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun. If you have a garage, use it. If you don’t try and find a shaded area on your street. Remember, the sun is stronger this time of year.
  2. Use a sun shade especially if you have leather seats. Sun shades cost

How Taxi Cab Insurance Differs from Regular Car Insurance

images (2)With ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft taking the spotlight from them, more and more taxi drivers are opting to find other means of living. That, however, does not mean that taxis are no longer a significant sector of the transportation industry.

With risks of road accidents increasing, it is incredibly important for taxi drivers to avail of taxi cab insurance to make their source of living secure. Still, there are a lot of confusions as to the difference between taxi cab insurance and regular car insurance.

What you need to know

There are two kinds of taxi cab insurance. The first one is private hire insurance. This covers all mini-cab type vehicles that are usually pre-booked and do not roam the avenues and streets to be hailed by passengers. Public hire insurance, on the other hand, is for any taxi cab that registers with city councils and state governments so they can pick up passengers all over a certain area.


  1. Taxi cab insurance is more expensive.

Generally, taxi cab insurance is much more expensive than regular car insurance. This

Three Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company After Experiencing a Car Accident


There are three main questions you should ask your insurance company after experiencing a car accident. The first is how to interact with and explain the situation to the police. The second is what could I expect the time process to be on the claim and outcome of that claim? What information do I need to gather about the other party involved in the accident? These are three main and important questions that can help limit any negative consequences on your end of the tragedy.

What should I explain to the police? Often it is advised not to admit fault. It is something insurance companies will advise away from. Admitting fault does not give the other person involved a chance to share his or her side of the story. It automatically puts the blame completely on you, when this truly may not be the case. It is more important to give the facts of the outcome of the accident to the police than making assumptions as to whose fault it is and not giving the facts, circumstances and events

Risks of Riding Your Motorcycle on the Highway

Whilst there is no safe place, especially on the road, it is important to appreciate that you run the danger of being in an accident. It is, therefore, important to discover how you can avoid lawsuits, whether you are the one filing the case, or being sued for having been at fault.

For starters, be safe. Always use a motorcycle that has been checked for breaks and regularly serviced. By not having the right machine, you run the risk of being involved in an accident. You may need to make a quick stop or emergency brake. If your brakes are not in top working condition, then you know what is bound to happen.

If your motorcycle is not in the condition it should be in, and you happen to cause an accident, you may end up paying more than you ordinarily would have. Similarly, if you were not at fault per se, but your motorbike was not in top shape, the insurance may not pay you the damages you may believe you deserve.

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